Arbor Ales v Cheddar Ales – WINNER ARBOR ALES


Clevedon Brewery v Arbor Ales – WINNER ARBOR ALES

Cheddar Ales v Great Western Brewery (GWB) – WINNER CHEDDAR ALES


Clevedon Brewery v Dawkins Ales – Winner Clevedon Brewery

Arbor Ales v New Bristol Brewery – Winner Arbor Ales

Great Western Brewery (GWB) v Pitchfork Ales – Winner GWB

Cheddar Ales v Good Chemistry – Winner Cheddar Ales

First Round Results

Bristol Beer Factory v Cheddar Ales – WINNER CHEDDAR ALES

Wiper and True v Dawkins Ales – WINNER DAWKINS ALES

Three Engineers v Great Western Brewery – WINNER GREAT WESTERN BREWERY

Fierce and Noble v Clevedon (Glede) Brewery – WINNER CLEVEDON (GLEDE) BREWERY

Brewhouse and Kitchen v Arbor Ales – WINNER ARBOR ALES

Moor Beer v New Bristol Brewery – WINNER NEW BRISTOL BREWERY

Pitchfork Ales v Twisted Oak – WINNER PITCHFORK ALES

3 way tie: Croft Ales v Good Chemistry v Incredible Brewing Co – WINNER GOOD CHEMISTRY

Welcome to our 2019/20 Bristol Brewery Challenge. This year we have 17 breweries competing for the coveted prize of being Bristol’s number one brewery as voted for by our customers’ drinking! They are:

  • Arbor Ales
  • Brewhouse and Kitchen
  • Bristol Beer Factory
  • Cheddar Ales
  • Croft Ales
  • Dawkins Ales
  • Fierce and Noble
  • Glede Brewing Co
  • Good Chemistry
  • Great Western Brewing Co
  • Incredible Brewing Co
  • Moor Beer
  • New Bristol Brewery
  • Pitchfork Ales
  • Three Engineers Brewery
  • Twisted Oak Brewery
  • Wiper and True