Fierce & Noble v Twisted Oak WINNERS – FIERCE & NOBLE


Twisted Oak v Moor Beer WINNER – TWISTED OAK

Fierce & Noble v Pinkers Craft Brewery WINNER – FIERCE & NOBLE


Bristol Beer Factory v Twisted Oak WINNER – TWISTED OAK

Moor Beer v Incredible Brewing Co WINNER – MOOR BEER

Fierce & Noble v Left Handed Giant WINNER – FIERCE & NOBLE

Tiley’s Brewery v Pinkers Craft Brewery WINNER – PINKERS CRAFT BREWERY


Tiley’s Brewery v Cheddar Ales WINNER -TILEY’S BREWERY

Fierce & Noble v Arbor Ales WINNER – FIERCE & NOBLE

Left Handed Giant v Hop Union Brewery WINNER – LEFT HANDED GIANT

Incredible Brewing Co v Ashley Down Brewery WINNER – INCREDIBLE BREWING CO

Moor Beer v New Bristol Brewery WINNER – MOOR BEER

Pinkers Craft Brewery v Basement Brewing WINNER – PINKERS CRAFT BREWERY

Good Chemistry v Bristol Beer Factory WINNER – BRISTOL BEER FACTORY

Wiper & True v Twisted Oak WINNER – TWISTED OAK

Welcome to our 2023/24 Bristol Brewery Challenge. This year we have 16 breweries competing for the coveted prize of being Bristol’s number one brewery as voted for by our customers’ drinking! They are as follows: –

  • Arbor Ales
  • Ashley Down Brewery
  • Basement Brewing
  • Bristol Beer Factory
  • Cheddar Ales
  • Fierce and Noble
  • Good Chemistry
  • Hop Union Brewery
  • The Incredible Brewing Co
  • Left Handed Giant
  • Moor Beer
  • New Bristol Brewery
  • Pinkers Craft Brewery
  • Tiley’s Brewery
  • Twisted Oak Brewery
  • Wiper & True