Bristol Brewery Challenge

Every year starting in November we hold our very own Bristol Brewery Challenge – where we pit head to head the best of our local breweries until we have a winner in early March.

First round ties are held throughout November. These ties consist of one cask beer from each brewery, the first to sell out sees that brewery progress to round 2. The second round is held from Saturdays throughout January. The second round sees breweries putting up two barrels and the first brewery to sell both barrels is the winner, and moves on to the semi-final. The semi finals again are with two barrels from each brewery. These ties are held in February. The two winning breweries then meet in the grand final at the beginning of March, when all our taps are taken over, and it is three barrels against three. The first to sell out all three of their beers are pronounced the winners.

Previous Winners

2021/2022 Cheddar Ales

2019/2020 Arbor Ales

2018/2019 Glede Brewing